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Wheeler & Son Cattle Co., Inc
162 State Hwy 116
Holton KS 66436




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Jerry: (785) 364-7545
Josh: (785) 851-0522


Cattle Viewing

Our seedstock is always available for viewing.  The only time we avoid is Sunday mornings so that we can attend church. Please contact Jerry at (785) 364-7545 or fill out the form to the right and we will get in touch with you to set up a time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we delivery?

Yes we deliver. We can deliver anywhere in the United States. We routinely have trailers going in all directions!

Do you allow sight unseen purchases?

Yes, probably 60% of all of our business comes from sight unseen purchases.  We guarantee all of our sight unseen business with a satisfaction guarantee. 

Do you have a sale?

No, all of our business is done through a relaxed private treaty format.  Buyers are welcome to walk through our bulls and females with us or we can also send pictures to your phone or email if you would like.

How many cows will a yearling bull breed?

Our yearling bulls are more than capable of breeding 20 cows. We recommend starting around 15 and the max being 20.  Remember young bulls are like teenagers!  They require food for them to keep their weight on after their breeding cycle.  Do not neglect young bulls!

Wheeler & Son Cattle Co.

162 State Hwy 116, Holton KS 66436
(785) 364-7545