Purebred Gelbvieh Bulls - Underwood 770B

Homozygous Black, Homozygous Polled, Purebred Gelbvieh Bull


Pasture Focused Genetics Bred for Pounds

 Birth Weight: 81lbs   Weaning Weight: 806lbs   Yearling Weight: 1259lbs   365 Day SC: 37cm

Sire: AMGV1210578 JOSH Spot On 870Z  Dam: AMGV1206702 JOSH 770AGLUX






We’ve combined the genetics JOSH Spot On 870Z with the genetics of JOSH Trendsnapper 770Z.  His dam is the mother of 770Z and his sire is 870Z.  With these combined genetics we created our future cow bull coming in with an 806lb weaning weight.  His EPD’s score him in the top 10th percentile for WW, the top 15th percentile for YW, and the top 4th percentile in Marbling.  We have high expectations in regards to performance for this young bull.

Semen Available:

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