Understand the EPDs You're Studying...

EPD (Expected Progeny Difference)

EPDs are a tool used to compare the genetic difference between cattle of the same breed.  EPDs provide an estimation of the animals genetic makeup and the likelihood that it will transfer those genes to their offspring.  The projected transfer of the genes is represented as an Accuracy.  The higher the Accuracy of an EPD, the more likely the animal’s calf will carry that trait.

It is important to remember that EPDs are only a tool to help you choose the cattle that work with your program, and not to solely base your decision off of them alone.  EPDs do not cover traits that can only be judged in person such as fleshing ability, foot soundness, and docility.

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(These are the EPD’s that cattle producers most heavily rely on. For a list of all the EPDs and explanations feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.)