Gelbvieh & Balancer Heifers

Efficient. Maternal. Fertile.

Elite Gelbvieh Heifers and Balancer Heifers

When it comes to our Gelbvieh heifers, we are just as strict with them as we are with our bulls.  We are extremely proud of the Gelbvieh and Balancer heifers that we produce, and guarantee they will produce a positive influence in your operation.  For more detailed information regarding our breeding program and available females, please contact Jerry or Josh.
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When to Contact us for Gelbvieh and Balancer Heifers:

  • Spring Open Females – In the summer months before weaning.  We wean in the end of September.
  • Spring Bred Heifers – In early summer.  We normally have a waiting list for bred heifers, so please contact us early on in the Summer.
  • Fall Open Females – In the winter months before weaning.  We wean in the end of April.
  • Fall Bred Heifers – In the early summer.  We normally sell our bred falls as “Early Bred”.  We AI breed them in November, and then deliver them in them a couple weeks later to be backed up by your bull.

What you get from Wheeler & Son Balancer or Gelbvieh Heifers…



We guarantee your heifers will get bred their first year in service.  If they don't we will replace them.  It's hard to pay the bank back without calves the first time around.  We stand behind our fertility so you can be secure with your investment.


Bred? Open? AI Bred?

You can choose whether to go with bred, open, or fully developed and AI bred ready to be cleaned up with one of our bulls.  Let us know your plan for your operation and we can customize a heifer package to meet your goals.

A Plan

Heifers Bought, Now What?

We will guide you through the genetic process and develop a breeding plan for you.  Let us help you throughout the life of your purchased females so that you can produce the best possible offspring.